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How to use social media during a divorce

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Social media has fundamentally changed virtually every aspect of people’s lives. It can become a major point of contention within a marriage, and it is increasingly playing a role in people’s divorces

The statuses and pictures you post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can come up as admissible evidence in divorce court. Therefore, you need to use it wisely until your divorce has concluded. Here are some tips for using social media during this time. 

Avoid it completely

This may be tough, but you will likely be better off staying off social media during the divorce proceedings. You want to avoid posting anything that your ex could use against you. It will also be better for your emotional health. People tend to post only the best aspects of their lives online, and you may feel more depressed seeing all your friends happy while you go through a tumultuous time. 

Do not post anything in anger

In the event you cannot stay off entirely, you should at least post with caution. You never want to post anything in anger about your ex. You will have friends or even children who could see it. These types of posts will put these people in precarious positions, especially people who are friends with both you and your spouse. A good rule of thumb is to never post anything you wouldn’t want your children to read. 

Stay off dating sites

Tinder, Plenty of Fish and similar sites can make it easy to find a new relationship after you and your spouse no longer live together. However, you should stay off them until the divorce is final. In North Carolina, adultery can impact divorce proceedings related to alimony. You do not want there to be evidence to suggest you had an affair even if the communications began well after you signed the divorce papers. Instead of relying on social media during this time, you should create a physical support network of family and friends you can talk with and vent your emotions to face-to-face.