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Tips for divorced parents for the holidays

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Child Custody & Support

The holiday season can be a very festive and fun time for families in North Carolina. Many have specific traditions for the different holidays, and it is important for people to continue these traditions.

However, for divorced parents, the holidays can be very stressful as they share parenting time with their ex-spouse. While this can be difficult on the parents, it can also be difficult on the children.

Parents need to keep this in mind as they plan for the season. To ensure that the children have a smooth season and are able to truly enjoy it, both parents need to work together. There are certain things the parents can do to help make the holidays enjoyable.

Have a good schedule in place

One is to have a set schedule that is well planned out. Coordinating times and places for the exchanges is important.

Both families will most likely have plans and having a set schedule can ensure that everyone is able to have their celebrations. Also, make sure that the children understand the schedule and know the expectations for the holiday season.

When possible the parents should also consider attending some the gatherings or events together so the children have both parents present during these special times.

Gifts for children and parents

Parents should also discuss what gifts they are each getting the children. It is important that both parents are able to buy gifts they know the children really want. They can also help the children buy gifts for the other parent as well.

Self-care for parents

When the children are with the other parent, it is important that the parent without the children is doing something with friends or family. It can be difficult not to have their children around and the support of friends and family can be very helpful.

Co-parenting during the holidays in North Carolina is not always a fun experience, but there are steps parents can take to make it good for the children and themselves. Much of it should be planned out ahead of time though and experienced attorneys may be able to help develop a good plan.