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How coparents can coordinate financial objectives

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Divorce

Divorce involves a lot of complicated emotions, and discussing the financial aspect of coparenting can make the entire process even more intimidating. For parents in North Carolina, there are several ways to smooth out the transition. Without financial complications, sharing the responsibilities of raising children will be much easier. Planning and communication should be top priorities.

The best way to reduce financial friction in coparenting situations is to describe all the responsibilities in the divorce decree. This requires spelling out in detail who will pay for what, including housing, food, clothes, entertainment, field trips, medical bills and possibly even higher education. When all responsibilities are clearly established, the chances of a conflict arising in the future will be drastically reduced.

Once financial responsibilities for raising children have been established, parents need to communicate openly with each other. The needs of children are constantly in flux. Therefore, the parent who first becomes aware of a change needs to let the other parent know. Changes may involve shifting schedules or different amounts of money owed. This type of information can be communicated through phone, text, email or any other medium that works for both parents. Without surprises, there is less of a chance of conflict arising.

A divorce can be very difficult for children. However, legal assistance can help make the process easier for everyone involved. It’s generally the responsibility of an attorney to provide support and guidance that helps minimize conflict and enhance communication between both parents. Legal counsel can also help a client make amendments to agreements to accommodate the changing lifestyles and objectives.