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Factors to consider before ending a marriage

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Divorce

It isn’t uncommon for couples in North Carolina or elsewhere to doubt whether their marriages are worth saving. However, there are many issues that you may want to consider before you decide to throw away a relationship that likely took many years to build.

Don’t stay if you’re being abused

Some issues should never be ignored. For example, it’s a good idea to divorce your partner if they are physically or mentally abusing you. Mental abuse may include name calling, other forms of criticism or chronic infidelity. If your partner constantly lies, blames you for the problems in the relationship or generally won’t take responsibility for his or her actions, it may be best to end your marriage.

You aren’t responsible for your partner’s decisions

If your partner has an addiction to drugs, alcohol or anything else, it’s their responsibility to get help. If they refuse to do so, something must change. It might be your interest to seek a separation or divorce.

You and your spouse don’t have shared goals

There is nothing wrong with having separate interests or hobbies that you pursue on your own. However, you and your spouse should be able to come to a consensus on major issues such as whether or not to have children. If your spouse doesn’t share your long-term outlook, the marriage may be doomed to failure at some point in the future.

While ending a relationship may cause you to experience financial or emotional pain, it could save you from even greater pain in the future. A family law attorney could help you understand the process of getting a divorce. A lawyer may also help you obtain spousal support or other financial resources in a final settlement.