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Why marriages don’t always last

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Divorce

Until 1970, you would need a substantial reason to get divorced in North Carolina or any other state. While you can now get a divorce without stating a reason for doing so, there are a few common problems that may doom a marriage to failure.

Financial issues can strain a relationship

Couples who don’t have the financial resources to meet their basic needs may argue or otherwise take steps to undermine their partners. This may be true whether a couple sticks to traditional gender roles or embraces modern ideas about who works and who stays home to watch the kids.

Adultery can cause trust issues

Cheating can be problematic for a variety of reasons. If you have been cheated on, you may feel as if your trust has been violated, and it may be difficult or impossible for your spouse to earn that trust back. Furthermore, your spouse could become infected with a sexually transmitted disease or otherwise put your health in jeopardy. Individuals of any age can be unfaithful to their partners.

Physical or emotional abuse can ruin a marriage

If you are ridiculed by your partner about your height, weight or general appearance, you may be the victim of emotional abuse. The same may be true if your partner tries to limit the amount of contact that you can have with family members or friends. In some cases, your spouse may attempt to limit or monitor your movements throughout the day. It is possible for an individual to be a victim of emotional abuse in addition to sexual or physical abuse.

Ending a marriage may be one of the most stressful things that you will experience in your lifetime. However, it may also allow you to cut ties with a person who doesn’t respect you or otherwise meet your needs. You may be entitled to a share of joint property, spousal support or other items in a final divorce settlement whether it is negotiated in private or crafted by a judge.