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What should an individual do if their spouse wants a divorce?

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Divorce

Sometimes, both parties in a marriage knew that a divorce was coming. Other times, it was completely unexpected. If an individual in North Carolina finds themselves caught off guard when their spouse says they want a divorce, there are steps they should take to protect themselves. Acting immediately can help them protect their rights and assets when the divorce proceedings begin.

How can an individual protect themselves before the divorce starts?

As soon as their spouse announces that they want a divorce, the individual should hire an attorney. Without an attorney, the individual might unwittingly do things that could be used against them in court. An attorney may give them legal advice throughout the process.

Additionally, the individual should attempt to keep things as civil as possible. It might be tempting to engage their former spouse in a shouting match, but that kind of behavior could lead to a lengthy, drawn-out divorce. If they manage to keep things civil, they might be able to negotiate their terms and keep the divorce out of the courtroom.

The individual should also be prepared to talk about the divorce with their children. They should empathize with their children and realize that they’re going through a difficult time. Throughout the process, parents should encourage their children to share their feelings and remind them that both parents still love them very much.

Where can an individual go for legal advice during their divorce?

For the best possible outcome, an individual might wish to hire a family law attorney long before the divorce is officially filed. The attorney may be able to help them with the entire process from beginning to end and ensure that their client doesn’t say or do anything that jeopardizes their outcome. Additionally, the attorney might help an individual negotiate with their former spouse without bringing the issue to court.