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Why do couples over fifty in North Carolina file for divorce?

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Divorce

When a couple has been married for several decades, people often assume that they’ll be together for the rest of their lives. However, no marriage is immune to divorce. And while overall divorce rates have decreased in the United States, the divorce rate of people over fifty is continuing to rise.

Why do people over fifty file for divorce?

One reason that people over fifty file for divorce is financial disagreements. Many couples have filed for divorce because one partner was irresponsible with money. Dealing with years of debt can also take its toll on a relationship, regardless of how long the two people have been together.

Many couples also divorce because they simply grew apart. After being together for decades, they start to realize that their partner isn’t the same person that they married. They might realize that they’re not in love anymore and decide to split up and move on with their lives.

Infidelity is another reason that older couples might split up. While elderly people are typically seen as less likely to cheat, plenty of marriages have been broken up after one person cheated on the other. Since marriage is much less stigmatized in modern society, one partner might decide to file for divorce rather than put up with years of infidelity.

How can older couples get assistance with filing for divorce?

When an individual decides to file for divorce, they might find it beneficial to speak with an attorney. An attorney might be able to help the couple divide up their financial assets like stocks, investments, properties, savings accounts, retirement funds and more. They might also be able to help the couple divide up their business assets if the couple owns a business together. Additionally, if the couple has underage children, an attorney might help with issues of child custody and child support.