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How can mediation help you remain in control?

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Divorce

Many people in North Carolina see mediation as a form of surrender or loss of control. You may feel that you weren’t the reason your marriage ended, so why should you have to compromise with your former spouse? In fact, mediation can actually help you maintain control of the situation and work toward a more positive outcome.

How does mediation expand your options?

If your divorce goes to trial, it will typically become a long, drawn-out ordeal with insults, arguments and accusations. Your spouse might pull dirty tricks to get full custody of your children or a larger share of the assets. Your children might also have to watch their parents arguing over their future.

Conversely, a divorce attorney could help you and your spouse divorce through the process of mediation. With mediation, you won’t have to fight it out in court. Instead, you and your estranged spouse can discuss the situation in a calm, civil manner. You’ll be able to work together to find solutions instead of arguing about various issues in public.

When a divorce does go to trial, a judge will make the final decisions regarding child custody, spousal support and other matters. If you can resolve your divorce through mediation, you’ll have more control over the outcome. You can have significant input into those decisions instead of merely doing whatever you’re told to do.

Are you thinking about filing for divorce?

Your divorce doesn’t have to end in a lengthy court battle. If you and your spouse choose mediation, you could settle your problems amicably and move on with your lives. An attorney could help you determine issues like property division, alimony and more. If mediation is successful, you might be able to resolve your divorce in only a few months.