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Can a sleep divorce help avoid a real one?

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Divorce

The last year has been rough on most couples, especially those that live together. One point of contention though is often sleeping. After all, while sleeping in the same bed may be considered, “normal,” these days, when one thinks about it, sharing a bed is a terrible idea if one is looking for sleep quality. This is why some couples are getting a sleep divorce.

What is sleep divorce?

Essentially, a sleep divorce is when couples, married or otherwise, decide to sleep separately. This is done as a result of the realization that their individual nights’ sleep will be better in separate beds. Now, this could mean still sharing the same room, but in different beds, like in the TV show, I Love Lucy, or in entirely separate rooms.

Exacerbating issues

The one thing that most of us have in common right now is that we are all chronically exhausted, making sleep even more important than ever. This is especially true with the additional stress of these uncertain times. Sleeping together is not always the best way to ensure one’s best night sleep, and this realization has nothing to do with the health of one’s relationship. Instead, a sleep divorce is simply finding the best way to recharge.

When is a sleep divorce appropriate?

Succinctly, if one’s spouse is interrupting the sleep of the other, a sleep divorce may be a good idea. This interruption can be the result of snoring, different sleep hygiene standards or some other disruptive breathing. It could also be as a result of different work schedules or even sleep preferences, like fans, TV, room temperature, etc. If one finds that these sleep interruptions are causing bitterness or resentful feelings, a sleep divorce should be considered.

What if a sleep divorce does not work?

It does not hurt to try a sleep divorce, especially when one’s relationship is affected by a lack of sleep. Though, a good night sleep may not be enough to fix a relationship. If that is the case, then one should contact a local Winston-Salem, North Carolina, divorce attorney. The attorney can walk one through the process and help decide whether it is an appropriate next step.