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How will child support be decided in your family law case?

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Child Custody & Support

Many divorce cases in North Carolina can become contentious quickly. After all, these cases are not only legal issues – something many people might never encounter – but they are cases in which the details of your personal life are at issue: your marriage, your finances and your relationship with your children, for example. Any potential issue in a divorce case could become problematic as a result. However, child support can oftentimes be the most hotly contested issue.

Determining fair child support

So, how will child support be decided in your family law case? Well, there are some factors involved that are common to most cases, such as the income of each parent and the expenses for the children in question, for example. In particular, expenses for schooling or healthcare can be considered. But, there are other potential factors that may be considered as well, because each case is unique, with unique family dynamics in play.

But, the goal is to arrive at a child support amount that is “fair.” Of course, what is “fair” to one spouse may not seem that way to the other. That is where the potential for problems arises in the issue.

At our law firm, we know that couples in North Carolina who are going through a divorce have plenty of concerns on their minds, and child support can certainly rise to the top of the list of concerns. We do our best to attempt to help our clients understand the process of determining fair child support, and fight to get that result. For more information, please visit the child support overview section of our law firm’s website.