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Why every couple should sign a prenup

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Premarital Agreements

Many couples in North Carolina decline to sign prenuptial agreements (or “prenups”) before marriage, believing that doing so means that they expect their marriages to fail. However, experts point out that getting a prenup doesn’t necessarily mean that the marriage is destined to fail. Instead, it can protect an individual if the marriage does end in divorce.

Experts say that prenuptial agreements are essential for people who fall within certain categories. People entering a second marriage with children should sign a prenup to protect their children’s inheritance. Additionally, individuals with a family business or greater financial security than their partner should sign a prenup to protect these assets in the event of a divorce.

A prenup can cover a wide range of assets, including property, investments, life savings, businesses, inheritances and much more. If a couple gets divorced, having a prenup can make the process much shorter and ensure that the assets are divided fairly. If a couple divorces without having signed a prenup, one or both individuals may find that their assets are seized in the divorce. For this reason, couples should view a prenup as an investment and not a “bad omen” for their marriage.

Where to go for assistance with prenups

If an individual has never drafted a prenuptial agreement before, he or she may be interested in contacting a lawyer for assistance. An attorney may help both parties examine their assets and figure out how to divide them in the event of a divorce. Following that, a lawyer may help them draft a legally binding contract. He or she may also review documents prepared by the other spouse to make sure they’re fair. If a dispute arises, an attorney may help his or her client prepare a court case.