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Should I Have A Premarital Agreement?

Premarital agreements (also known as prenuptial agreements) are not romantic. But set aside your emotions for a moment. If your marriage ends in divorce, a premarital agreement can be vital for protecting your interests.

At Susan Gray Law, P.A., in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we specialize in family law and are well-versed in negotiating, drafting and reviewing premarital agreements.

Susan Gray is a board-certified family law specialist who is certified by the North Carolina State Bar. This means Susan Gray knows the law, has vast experience in family law and will help you create a premarital agreement that fits your needs.

Why Would I Need A Premarital Agreement?

Here are just three examples of when premarital agreements might be especially appropriate:

  • This is a second marriage. Both you and your spouse have children and want to preserve specific assets for them.
  • You own a business. A premarital agreement can protect the business (and your partners).
  • Your spouse has significantly more debt than you. A premarital agreement can protect you from having to assume those obligations.

How We Will Protect Your Interests

At Susan Gray Law, P.A., we have helped hundreds of clients with their premarital agreements. Susan Gray takes the time to understand your property concerns and draft an agreement that protects you. If your spouse’s attorney has drafted the agreement, we will review the document for unfavorable terms.

We also have experience litigating premarital agreements. If there is a dispute over the agreement, we will take the matter to court if necessary.

How To Contact Us

Do you have questions about premarital agreements and want to speak with a lawyer? Call Susan Gray Law, P.A., in Winston-Salem today to make an appointment. Call 336-529-6322 or contact us online.