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A Strong Future For The Children

The goal of any child custody agreement is the protection and well-being of the children above all else. Custody and visitation are some of the most emotionally charged family law issues, but attorney Susan Gray of Susan Gray Law, P.A., can help bring clarity and insight to these difficult matters.

She is a board-certified family law specialist with decades of experience — she has helped clients with virtually every type of custody-related concern possible. Her objective for her clients is to help them seek a final resolution that allows for the protection of their parental rights and continued access to their children. She can help you seek a smart solution to your custody concerns.

Your Custody Order.

North Carolina courts assume it is in the best interests of the children to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. Unless there are exigent circumstances, kids do best when they see both parents on a regular basis. However, there is much more involved in a custody plan. Factors to consider as you head to court or seek a negotiated agreement include:

Susan Gray can also help you with complex issues such as grandparent rights. Your family needs may change over time, and she can help you seek necessary modifications to existing custody and support orders. Through her experience and straightforward approach, she offers significant value and effective counsel to her family law clients.

Call Today — Get The Answers You Need.

With one phone call, you can have the support and guidance of a dedicated lawyer with virtually unmatched experience. Contact the Winston-Salem office of Susan Gray Law, P.A., at 336-529-6322 or complete the online contact form here to schedule your initial case evaluation.