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Get What You Deserve In Alimony Or Post-Separation Support

An important piece of any divorce or separation is the amount of financial support that is paid from one spouse to the other.

Post-separation support used to be called temporary alimony. Post-separation support is the financial support that is paid from the supporting spouse during the separation period. Alimony is spousal support paid after the divorce. At Susan Gray Law, P.A., in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we have decades of experience representing clients in alimony and post-separation support issues.

Susan Gray is a board-certified family law specialist who is certified by the North Carolina State Bar. Her certification in family law means she has an in-depth understanding of the law and is totally committed to serving you.

For an in-depth understanding of how divorce could affect your finances, read Your Finances In Divorce available here.

How To Get Support That Covers Your Needs

The purpose of alimony and post-separation support is to enable the dependent spouse to meet his or her reasonable needs. The individual who is seeking support must show that they do not have the financial resources to meet their needs. The court considers many factors when determining post-separation support, including:

  • Employment and other income
  • Debt
  • Expenses
  • Obligation to support other individuals

At Susan Gray Law, P.A., we know details are extremely important when determining alimony and post-separation support.

That is why we have a roster of experts we can call on to examine evidence and strengthen your legal position. These professionals include accountants, certified business valuation experts, forensic computer experts and occupational experts.

Call Susan Gray Now To Protect Yourself

If you need a lawyer to represent you on issues of alimony or post-separation support, contact Susan Gray Law, P.A. Call our office in Winston-Salem at 336-529-6322 or contact us online.