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Growing Your Family Through The Adoption Process

Adoption is a beautiful way for a North Carolina family to grow. Susan Gray of Susan Gray Law, P.A., has 40 years of family law experience, and she has helped many clients walk through the process of various types of adoption. She can serve as your legal ally and guide from start to finish.

As an experienced attorney with decades of family law experience, Susan Gray can help you with your adoption-related concerns. Whether you are a grandparent seeking to adopt a grandchild or a stepparent attempting to adopt a stepchild, you will benefit from having a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer by your side.

Types Of Adoption

Adoption is a complex legal process. There is significant paperwork to complete, as well as home studies, applications and much more. Lawyer Susan Gray can help you navigate every requirement of the adoption process, working diligently to avoid complications and move your case forward. She can help with the following types of adoptions:

  • Domestic adoptions
  • Grandparent adoptions — When parents are not able to care for their children for reasons that include drug abuse or imprisonment, grandparents may be able to adopt the kids.
  • Stepparent adoption — There are times when stepparents want to legally establish a strong relationship they already have with the biological children of their partner.

Before you move forward with any type of adoption, it may be helpful to seek an explanation of your options and what you can expect from the process.

Serving Winston-Salem And Beyond

Susan Gray proudly serves clients in Winston-Salem and throughout the surrounding counties. You can schedule your appointment online or call her office at 336-701-6521 for an assessment of your case.