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You Cannot Afford To Hire The Wrong Attorney

Many divorces become financial disputes. When your financial future is at stake, your choice of attorney is absolutely crucial.

North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, which means the judge decides what is fair. The law can be very complex, and it is important that a qualified family lawyer represent your interest.

There are no formulas for the judge to follow, so the court relies on the arguments from the attorneys. As a result, the quality of your attorney has a big impact on what you receive in the divorce.

Put A Certified Family Law Attorney On Your Side

At Susan Gray Law, P.A., in Winston-Salem, we specialize in family law. Susan Gray is a family law specialist who is certified by the North Carolina State Bar.

What does this mean for the equitable distribution of your property? It means Susan Gray knows the law, she has vast experience in family law and she will strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

We Have A Team Of Experts

At Susan Gray Law, P.A., we know details are extremely important in the determination of equitable distribution.

That is why we have a roster of experts we can call on to examine evidence and strengthen your legal position. These professionals include accountants, certified business valuation experts, forensic computer experts, and occupational experts.

Call Susan Gray… Before The Opposing Side Does

If you need a lawyer who truly cares about you, your future, and your happiness, you want Susan Gray on your side. Call her office in Winston-Salem today to make an appointment. Call 336-529-6322 or contact us online.